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"Boating Is Fun...We'll Show You How" Boating Is Fun...We'll Show You How

America's Boating Club

The Norwich Power Squadron is a chapter of the United States Power Squadrons and was chartered in 1953. We serve towns in the southeast part of Connecticut and are one of thirteen squadrons in District 1 of the USPS.

Nearly 100 members strong, the Norwich Power Squadron is an organization devoted to boating safety and education. We are comprised of people interested in learning and sharing knowledge about boats, both sail and power. As a civic service to the general public, we provide:

  • America's Boating Course and boating seminars to educate Connecticut boaters on the safe operation of boats

  • Vessel Safety Check,in which trained examiners will review your boat for required equipmentand award a Coast Guard recognized VSC compliance decal to boats thatpass the inspection

  • Chart updates to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) leading to corrections to Nautical Charts

The Norwich Power Squadron holds events and meetings, both on and off the water, that give members a chance to relate to and participate in our favorite pastime, boating. All our members are unpaid volunteers, who gain and share knowledge through our courses and activities.

The United States Power Squadrons ensign flown from our boats signifies our dedication to safe boating practices. As a nationwide group of boaters, there are Squadrons throughout the United States.

Membership in the Norwich Power Squadron is less than one hundred dollars annually, and provides you with many benefits.

Please contact us to join our group!